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CASCHA Black Carbon Fibre Ukulele Set

CASCHA Black Carbon Fibre Ukulele Set

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The black Cascha Carbon Ukulele convinces by its uniqueness and the outstanding sound. It is made of carbon fiber from headstock to body. Therefore the ukulele is easy to clean and is generally more resistant to external influences. Compared to ordinary ukuleles, the Cascha Carbon Ukulele has a brighter and more differentiated sound and can also impress with its durable and high-quality construction. Thanks to its light weight and thin body, the ukulele is easy and pleasant to play without having to accept any loss of sound.

The integrated "Double" pickup system is not only suitable for playing via an external amplifier or PA system, but as well has a built-in sound amplifier and three effects (reverb, chorus and delay). The so-called transducer receives the signal from the pickup and then causes the body of the instrument to vibrate. This way it enhances the natural sound character of the instrument and can also transmit the three built-in effects reverb, chorus and delay. The integrated rechargeable battery can be charged using the included USB cable and a suitable power supply (not included).

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