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Casio CTS410 61 note Touch Response Keyboard

Casio CTS410 61 note Touch Response Keyboard

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Wherever you are on your musical journey, and no matter your budget, you shouldn't have to compromise on sound quality. Meet the CT-S410. Its modest price makes it the right choice for casual or beginning players, and thanks to the AiX Sound Source its stunning sound makes it a must-have for keyboardists of any level who need a portable instrument.

Interface easy to use for everyone

The Casio Casiotone Keyboard features a simple, intuitive interface, offering an organized layout with fewer buttons by using both a full dot LCD screen and dial. It is also equipped with a home button that lets users return to the original screen at any time, making for a superior multi-function keyboard with enhanced usability.

Great sound

The use of 13cm x 6cm oval speakers with strengthened magnets delivers surprisingly great sound for such a compact instrument. An additional function that optimizes the equalizer in tandem with the volume provides balanced sound from the bass to the highs, even at low volumes.

Expand ways to enjoy playing

The Casio Casiotone Keyboard includes a mode that lets users put together drum, bass and synthesizer phrases to easily enjoy dance music, as well as 12 types of Dance Music Voices that sound great with dance music. Just press along with the rhythm to add accents to ordinary playing and enjoy dance music.

Piano-style keys and touch response

The keys are built in a box shape like a piano. Touch Response delivers piano-like changes in volume and tone depending on the force used to play the keys.


  • 61 keys
  • 2 sensitivity levels
  • Maximum polyphony 48
  • 400 built-in tones
  • 77 built-in rhythms
  • 60 tunes
  • Pitch bender
  • 12 types of dance music mode with voice
  • Rounded edges and corners
  • Portable design
  • Simple, intuitive interface


Speaker Size: 13 x 6cm (Oval), Speaker Wattage2 x 2.5W

MIDI: 16 Multi-timbre Received, GM Level 1 Standard

Dimensions:93 x 7.3 x 25.6cm

Weight: Approx. 3.3kg (Excluding Batteries)

Contrast Ratio: Adjustable Contrast

Type: LCD Display

Features: Auto Accompaniment

Built-in Rhythms: 77 Auto-shutdown Time: 30 Minutes

Colour: Black

Digital Effects: Reverb: 1 to 10, Off

Song Bank: Built-in Songs: 60

Built-in Tones: 400

Functions: One Touch Preset: 77

Functions And Features
APP Function: Chordana Play

Buttons: Sustain Button & MySetup Button

Features Transpose: ±1 Octaves (-12 to +12 Semitones)

Functionality Part Off Function: Left-hand, Right-hand, Both-hand

Items Included: Keyboard & Music Stand

Keys: 61 Standard Size Keys

Music Dance Mode: 50 (Built-in Patterns), 12 (Dance Music Voice)

Tune Tuning: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9Hz (Initial Default: 440Hz)
Type: Keyboard

Pitch Wheel: Pitch Bend: 0 to 12 Semitones

Inputs: 3.5mm Stereo

Audio: Audio In Jack: Stereo Mini Jack

Pedal Jack: Standard Jack (6.3mm) (Pedal Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Start/Stop)
USB: micro-B

Type: Casio Casiotone

Outputs: 3.5mm Stereo Audio

Phones Output Jack: Stereo Mini Jack

Maximum Polyphony: 48 Metronome: Beats per Measure: 0 to 16 | Tempo Range: 20 to 255

Touch Response: 2 Sensitivity Levels, Off

AC Adapter: JEITA Standard with Unified Polarity Plug
Battery Life: Continuous
Operation: Approx. 19 Hours (Alkaline Batteries), Approx. 15 Hours (Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries)
Battery Type: 6 AA-size Alkaline Batteries or AA-size Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries P
power Consumption: 5.5W Voltage: 9.5V DC
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