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Sela 2-Tone Claves 20 Rosewood

Sela 2-Tone Claves 20 Rosewood

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The bars of the SELA 2-Tone Claves have different lengths (200 and 190 millimeters) and thus differ from conventional pairs of tone woods, which are usually the same length. Depending on which stick of the 2-Tone Claves you hold in your hand and with which you strike, two different fundamental tones can be produced here and the played rhythms can be varied in pitch. The SELA 2-Tone Claves are made in Germany from high-quality rosewood, which has a deep fundamental tone and delivers a powerful, brilliant sound rich in overtones.

Claves are mainly used in Latin American culture as a rhythm instrument and give music styles such as Rumba, Salsa or Bossa Nova their characteristic groove ("Clave"). They form the basic rhythmic framework to which all other instruments are oriented. But also in western pop and rock music the clave can be found again and again. Thus, the SELA 2-Tone Claves fit best in a Latin ensemble, but of course also enrich any other musical style with their distinctive sound. In addition, they inspire with their chic, reddish-brown coloring, the matt lacquered finish and the high-quality workmanship.

  • Brilliant sound rich in overtones
  • High quality workmanship
  • Made of rosewood, matt lacquered
  • Deep fundamental sound
  • Length: 200 mm and 190 mm
  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Different tones can be produced depending on which tone wood is in the hand and with which one is struck
  • Made in Germany
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