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Strymon Flint V2

Strymon Flint V2

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Like many beloved tube amps of yesteryear, Strymonโ€™s Flint combines two essential tools into a single high-performing pedal: reverb and tremolo. The V2 version retains all the character of the original with some welcome quality-of-life upgrades under the hood in the form of full MIDI implementation, a JFET input circuit, and a powerful ARM DSP chip.

Each effect comes with three unique modes to explore โ€” the tremolo consists of โ€™61 Harmonic Tremolo, โ€™63 Power Tube Tremolo, and โ€™65 Photocell Tremolo options along with period-accurate โ€™60s, โ€™70s, and โ€™80s reverb modes right next door. Both effects can be used on their own or in series to cover a wide range of creative ground, a level of flexibility players thoroughly appreciate when crafting their signature sound.

For that vintage amp vibe optimized for todayโ€™s setups, the Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb pedal is a no-brainer.

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