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Wharfedale Tourus AX8 MBT 250w Powered

Wharfedale Tourus AX8 MBT 250w Powered

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Wharfedale Pro TOURUS Loudspeakers

Tourus loudspeakers use the largest HF voice coils in their class. All models use a 1.75β€³ coil which is unique at this price point. This custom made Wharfedale Pro compression driver delivers crisp and precise high frequencies, even at extreme volumes.

The internal amplifiers have been tuned specifically for the HF and LF drivers that we have chosen. This makes for perfect power and frequency transfer, resulting in the sonic experience that you’d expect from a Wharfedale Pro active loudspeaker.

The two amplifiers inside a Tourus are extremely efficient - so efficient that they can use convection cooling. This means that there are no fans! Fans inside loudspeakers can add to operational noise, weight, price and can lead to reliability issues.Β 


The Tourus- MBT models include both BLUETOOTH and USB thumb drive inputs. It's quick and easy to pair your mobile device over Bluetooth, allowing for high quality wireless audio to stream into the Tourus.

The MBT models also feature TWS pairing which allows two TOURUS loudspeakers to link together wirelessly!

Alternatively, insert a USB thumb drive containing audio files (.wav, .flac, .mp3) and control backing tracks or background music with the transport controls on the rear.

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