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Nux DM-210 Digital Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

Nux DM-210 Digital Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

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The NUX DM-210 All Mesh Head Digital Drum Kit is a new entry-level drum set, but it is equipped with all mesh drum pads. You can easily customise the perfect feeling for your style by adjusting the tightness of the mesh heads.

This drum set doesn't need much space - just 1.5 square meters ! That's it ! Place it anywhere you want. You can practice in your room and then move it to the living room for the big performance. 

Key Features:

  • Play cross-stick on the rims
  • The independent kick-drum is specially designed for DM-210, and gives you a realistic drumming experience
  • The NUX Team designed the new sound library specifically for DM-210 users
  • DM-210 has the coach function that can help you train your basic drumming skills
  • Use the Song button and play the drums with demo songs we prepared for you
  • Use the Aux-In interface or bluetooth to play your own tracks
  • Use the REC button to record your beats


8'' Snare (x1), 8'' Tom (x3), 10'' Hi-hat (x1), 10'' Crash (x1), 10'' Ride (x1), Kick (x1), Hi-hat Control (x1), Kick Pedal (x1), DM-210 Module (x1)
Metronome, Coach, Reverb, REC, Songs, Bluetooth
MIDI Data through USB Port
Headphone, DC-9V, L/MONO R Output , Aux In, USB, Cymbal Trigger In
All Mesh Drum Heads
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