DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay

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Head-turning Analog Delay Tones with Exceptional Twists

Slapback? Check. Spacey dotted eighths? Check. A self-oscillating noise machine you can control without miserably hunching over your pedalboard? Also, check. The DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay pushes analog warmth to new heights with true bucket brigade circuitry, lush, organic repeats, and a whopping 1.5 seconds of delay on tap. This stunning range is then supercharged for expansive sonics with tap tempo control, modulation rate and depth, gain/tone for boosting levels or taming frequencies, ratio control, and much more.

Rubberneck’s unique secondary features: Rubberneck and Regen Adjust. Each offers momentary time and pitch bends triggered by footswitch for seamless hands-free activation. Sound results range from subtle pitch warps to pulsating synth-like self-oscillation. Also onboard is optional footswitch control and a dedicated FX loop directly into the delay path for blending effects. The bottom line? The Rubberneck’s rich feature set and user-friendly layout offer incredible boundary-pushing bang for the buck when it comes to analog delay.

What’s that Rubberneck do?

Have you ever dabbled in noise creation with your rig? If so, you know that manipulating a delay’s time and feedback can yield incredible sounds. The Rubberneck recognizes this and makes achieving these sounds a breeze. Players can playfully indulge in the spirit of live experimentation without the pain of hunching over a stompbox to turn knobs. When corresponding LED knobs are active, holding either Rubberneck footswitch down will create momentary expressive changes to feedback, pitch, and time. The pedal’s namesake Rubberneck mode creates a “rubber band” stretch effect with a ramp-like character, and it shortens or elongates the delay time depending on where the LED is set. Counterclockwise Rubberneck adjustments yield diving stretch tones, while clockwise adjustments temporarily shorten and compress delay time for the subtle addition of pitch-bent repeats.

Regen adjust: momentary feedback

The right-side Regen Adjust LED creates momentary feedback that lasts until the held right footswitch is released (the Regen LED also doubles as a tap tempo indicator light). Regen Adjust churns out subtle pad-like textures at lower levels, but when cranked, they can quickly devolve into pulsating synth-like self-oscillation that lasts indefinitely. Try placing your favorite fuzz into the Rubberneck’s FX loop for game-changing tones and let Regen Adjust run wild with thick mangled repeats.

Tone tweakers rejoice: tail switching and FX loop built right in!

Delay fans are regularly forced to pick between true bypass pedals with no delay tails or a buffered pedal with the tails. Both have their merits, and Rubberneck lets you choose with an accessible 3-way toggle — no internal dip switches, screwdrivers, or everlong commitment to one setting. Moreover, a third “no-dry” tail mode mutes your incoming guitar single for a fully wet output saturated with delay. The “no-dry” mode is a welcome inclusion for players looking to explore ambient soundscapes, volume swells, or pedal steel tones that transcend the limits of electric guitar.

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal Features:

  • Deluxe analog delay stompbox with up to 1.5 seconds of delay time
  • True bucket brigade circuitry and true bypass yield rich, accurate tone with analog warmth
  • Tap tempo control and tap ratio toggle for fine-tuned repeats
  • Gain and Tone for enhancing volume and delay color with distortion
  • Modulation with adjustable depth and rate for added texture and movement
  • Rubberneck Rate secondary function — footswitch-controlled delay ramping
  • Tempo/Regen Adjust secondary function — footswitch-controlled momentary feedback
  • Tail switching — No Tails (true bypass), Tails (buffered), and No-dry Tails (buffered)
  • Footswitch input — control Tap Tempo and Regen with a DigiTech FS3X Footswitch (sold separately)
  • Integrated FX loop — slot effects directly into the Rubberneck’s feedback path for mind-blowing saturation
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