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Martin Retro Tony Rice Bluegrass 13-56

Martin Retro Tony Rice Bluegrass 13-56

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The MTR13 Retro acoustic guitar strings represent yet another quality, vintage-inspired set of strings in Martin’s Retro line. Encouraged by legendary bluegrass player Tony Rice, Martin was inspired to bring back the tone of 1930s strings, when nickel ruled the acoustic world. Made from Monel, a solid nickel/copper wrap, the MTR13s let your acoustic’s natural wood tone ring through with a full low end, a high-end snap, and a solid midrange. The proprietary wrap on the MTR13s is corrosion-resistant and impressively strong for long life and uncompromised tone. Martin MTR13 strings are a favorite among acoustic guitarists here at Sweetwater.

.013, .016, .026, .034, .044, .056 
A favorite of Jack here at The Family Music Store! 

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