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NUX B-8 Professional Wireless Pedalboard System

NUX B-8 Professional Wireless Pedalboard System

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The NUX B-8 is a game-changing pro level professional wireless system. You can set it up with ease with automatic configuration, clear 2.4 GHz broadcasting, and top-notch 24-bit audio. It works up to 160 feet away and supports various instruments with electronic pickups. Adjust latency and transmission modes for the best sound anywhere. You can even customize the boot-up image to personalise it for your personal use!

Key Features

  • Instant Connectivity - The B-8 connects instantly. The transmitter and receiver pair up within seconds of powering on. They have a secure connection every time.
  • Extended Range and Battery Life - The B-8 covers a vast 160-foot range, perfect for big stages. The rechargeable battery gives you up to 6.5 hours of playtime. After the show, just place the transmitter on the receiver for a recharge.
  • Convenient Onboard Features - The B-8 offers more than just wireless. It fights interference with Stable mode and keeps your instrument in tune with its built-in tuner. You can adjust gain with the onboard booster, add warmth to your sound with cable tone, and connect your effects pedals. Plus, it has a DI OUT jack for easy mixer or interface connection.
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