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Sela Mini Shaker Set

Sela Mini Shaker Set

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The SELA Mini Shaker Set consists of three small shaking instruments, each of which offers a different sound characteristic thanks to different fillings. The "Soft" variant sounds soft and subtle, the "Medium" model pleasantly warm and the "Hard" shaker somewhat sharper and more accentuated. The SELA Mini Shakers can be played not only individually or ambidextrously, but thanks to their compact size also in pairs or threes in one hand. This gives this set a wide range of combination and sound possibilities for a wide variety of musical applications.

However, the German-made shaker trio not only sounds great, but also impresses in terms of workmanship with cleanly sanded surfaces and a chic, oiled beech wood finish. Thanks to their different colors (natural, light brown, dark brown), the shakers also stand out visually from each other, so that you always reach for the right model during a performance.

For experienced musicians, the SELA Mini Shakers are an excellent addition to the existing equipment, beginners will find here an exciting introduction to the world of small percussion. The Mini Shakers are perfect for acoustic gigs, studio recordings and of course for practicing at home or in the rehearsal room.

  • Set of 3 mini shakers
  • Clear, assertive sound
  • High quality beech wood, oiled
  • 3 different sounds: soft, medium, hard
  • Length: 60 mm
  • Diameter: 35 mm
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